Through an innovative partnership with the City of Markham, Alectra is helping businesses adopt a new technology that has benefits for their employees and communities.

With a strong focus on driving innovation forward for customers, the Alectra Drive for the Workplace program will see more EV charging stations installed in workplaces, providing drivers with convenience and security while helping businesses provide a cost-efficient charging solution to their employees.

Through an innovative management system that interfaces with the Civic Centre’s Building Automation System, as well as a battery storage unit, loads can be scheduled to limit peak demand while still providing users with the energy they need. This project features 17 Level 2 EV charging stations installed at the Markham Civic Centre. The program is helping Alectra to identify and manage the impact EV charging ‘on workplaces’ energy costs and on the local grid. As EVs become more common, the data collected from this system will allow Alectra to ensure businesses and utilities have a better understanding of how to manage increased electricity demand without the need for costly upgrades. The data could also provide an avenue for businesses to earn revenue by providing the electricity system operator with market services like demand response.

Drivers are receiving enough battery charge to meet or exceed their daily commute requirements during working hours. Drivers are also receiving free charging for the duration of the two-year pilot thanks to the City of Markham’s sponsor, Aviva.

“We are excited about launching the Alectra Drive for the Workplace program at the Markham Civic Centre,” said Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Utilities Inc. “Our business customers are seeking simple solutions to implement workplace EV charging systems that manage electricity demand and energy costs, while providing their employees with the technologies they need to confidently drive their EVs to and from work.”

This project has received funding from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) Conservation Fund and from Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program.

Alectra will be installing similar systems at a limited number of additional sites. Visit for more information.