In an era of change and advancement for local utilities, London Hydro has developed a unique “digital utility” strategy which has successfully repositioned the organization to address future needs, while linking them with the benefits of other utilities. So far, the strategy has improved London Hydro’s revenues and ensured they are at the forefront of emerging technology.

‘Green Button’ is one of the key digital initiatives stemming from the strategy. The Green Button standard accesses smart meter data and shares it with applications which provide better customer services and solutions through more choice and convenience while creating an open-access utility. This increased engagement and transparency helps households and businesses conserve energy and better manage their electricity bills.

For example, the Thames Valley District School Board and the Budweiser Gardens sports-entertainment centre have already benefited from the implementation of ‘Green Button’ solutions which has resulted in efficient energy management, the maximization of operating budgets and cost reductions.

To showcase and further develop the Green Button Initiative, London Hydro has integrated the Green Button experience into their Innovation Centre. This centre serves as a hub for creative thinking and problem solving with the participation of London Hydro customers as well as a space for application developers to create and test innovative Green Button powered solutions.

To date, the Green Button software has already been adopted by two other utilities, Festival Hydro and Whitby Hydro, along with an agreement between London Hydro and Union Gas on a pilot project which will look into providing their customers with real-time data over a mobile phone application.

London Hydro CEO Vinay Sharma understands the potential of embedding digital solutions into the utility’s strategy. “Technology is key for all utilities, the solutions being developed can span across borders and LDCs,” says Mr. Sharma

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