The City of Stratford is the Canadian leader in battery storage facilities thanks to Festival Hydro’s battery storage project in the Wright Business Park. This is the first step towards building a microgrid – a mechanism to provide the community with more efficient, safer and cleaner energy.

The project is a partnership between Hecate Energy, Saturn Power, Powin Energy and EllisDon Construction and Building Services. The facility will be housed on an acre of land adjacent to a Festival Hydro transformer station. The total capacity of the facility will be 4.4 megawatts.

These batteries were distributed as part of an open procurement process by the Independent Electricity System Operator – a provincial entity tasked with managing the health of the system into the future – and will act as a case study for other jurisdictions.

One of the reasons why the project partners selected the City of Stratford was because Festival Hydro owned a transformer that met specific capacity requirements.

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson sees the investment in his community as a realization that Stratford, in partnership with Festival Hydro, can lead in innovation. “This just speaks to the fact that Stratford is on the radar for large companies making technology and innovative investments. And they want to be here,” said Mayor Mathieson.