As more Ontarians plug electric cars into the grid or choose to generate their own electricity through solar and wind, the way local hydro companies distribute power to customers is evolving rapidly. Across Ontario, local hydro utilities are meeting changing customer demands by offering new innovative services that provide more value, added convenience and greater control over energy use.

Local hydro utilities are leading the way on customer innovation. To highlight the technologies and services that are yielding immediate benefits for electricity customers, the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) and Ontario’s electric utilities have launched a new, multimedia campaign focused on the Power of Local Hydro.

“No matter where you go in Ontario, electricity generation and conservation are popular topics, but what is often missing from the conversation is the significant investments local hydro utilities are making today to provide customers with better service and more choice,” said Brian Wilkie, Chair of the EDA. “The goal of our Power of Local Hydro campaign is to engage and inform policymakers and customers. Great things are happening in local utilities across Ontario. With the right regulatory framework and more innovative products and services, electricity customers will have greater control over how they access and use electricity.”

To facilitate these new opportunities for customers, the campaign is advocating for policies that consider five key principles:

  1. Keeping the customer first
  2. Driving local hydro innovation forward
  3. Improving the regulatory framework
  4. Respecting community decision-making
  5. Expanding local energy conservation

“This campaign is spotlighting new initiatives in energy storage, microgrids, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and many others that are not only benefiting individual customers, but also enhancing community prosperity,” said Teresa Sarkesian, President and CEO of the EDA.

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