Our Priorities

To drive positive change that customers need, policymakers must consider the following five priorities:

  1. Keep the Customer First
  2. Cut Through Red Tape
  3. Drive Local Hydro Innovation Forward
  4. Respect Community Decision-Making
  5. Expand Local Energy Conservation

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Keep the Customer First

  • Across our province, hydro customers demand greater value and more control over their electricity usage and bills.
  • Customers are showing a growing interest in distributed energy, and want more choice to self-generate renewable power.
  • Local hydro utilities are best positioned to extend existing relationships and manage local energy services for customers, while protecting customers’ privacy and overall interests.

Cut Through Red Tape

  • Ontario’s local hydro utilities continue to leverage leading edge technologies and build their capacity for distributed energy resources.
  • To sustain this momentum, the province’s regulatory structure must be flexible to allow local hydro utilities to adapt to rapidly evolving market conditions.
  • A modern, competitive regulatory framework will minimize red tape and facilitate opportunities.

Drive Local Hydro Innovation Forward

  • Ontario can drive innovation by helping local hydro utilities assume a critical function in the province’s energy transition.
  • Going forward, local hydro utilities will enable, control and integrate electricity generation and storage from a variety of small grid connected devices, also known as distributed energy resources.
  • Local hydro utilities will continue to work with community members and businesses to maximize cost savings, choice and convenience for customers.

Respect Community Decision-Making

  • Ontario communities have local autonomy to explore transaction options for their local hydro utility.
  • To date, some municipal shareholders have decided to sell, a few have acquired utilities, others have opted to merge and many have chosen to stand alone.
  • Communities must continue to have autonomy to make their own decisions within a flexible environment about the future of their local hydro.

Expand Local Energy Conservation

  • Conservation is a vital part of Ontario’s energy supply mix.
  • Local hydro utilities have demonstrated leadership, shaping a culture of conservation across Ontario.
  • In the years ahead, local hydro utilities should continue to play a leadership role in conservation programs that help customers enhance efficiency and contain costs.


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