Saving on energy costs is easier than you think! We’ve put together our favourite quick and easy changes to cut your energy usage (and your bill costs) to help the planet!

  1. Embrace Off-Peak: Try to avoid running your dishwasher, dryer and other appliances during on-peak hours. Alternatively, go old-school and use a clothing rack, which can also help avoid shrinking! The Ontario Energy Board provides a schedule of on-peak hours, which changes seasonally, so be sure to add it to your calendar! Visit Alectra Utilities’ website for information on how to conserve.
  2. Remember to Unplug: Unplug your electronics or install a programmable power bar with an auto on/off setting to save up to 10 per cent on your total energy costs, because when you are sleeping your electronics are not! See what other tips London Hydro has as well.
  3. Light Right: LED lighting means using up to 95 per cent less energy than traditional incandescent lighting. Embrace this positive change and upgrade to LED lights. Visit Canadian Niagara Power’s website for more information!
  4. Spring Clean: A dirty ventilation filter is inefficient and can cause heating and cooling systems to break down. This applies for all appliances; dryer filters, fridges, ovens etc. Keep your filter clean for your budget and your health. Visit Lakefront Utilities for more tips like these!
  5. Cook Smart: Electric stoves use a lot of energy and are often used in peak times. Matching your pots and pans to the element size, and keeping the lid on helps. Also, minimizing your pre-heat time for your oven dinner will be cheaper, and make your meal ready quicker! See more information like this on Halton Hills Hydro’s website.
  6. Fan Favourite: ENERGY STAR ceiling fans are 50 per cent more efficient than window AC, so you can turn it down and still keep cool! Energy efficient ceiling fans use only 10 per cent of the electricity compared to them! Visit Collus PowerStream’s website for information and rebates!
  7. Thermo-Switch: A programmable or automatic thermostat can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10 per cent. Pro-tip: keep lamps, televisions, and any heat-producing appliances away from your thermostat! Read tips like these on Hydro-Ottawa’s website.

Gaining control of your energy bill has never been simpler. Find more information on these tips, product guides and many more ways to save by finding your Local Distribution Company at