Summer is when we Canadian’s get to enjoy plenty of sunshine and long-awaited hot weather. But when the temperature climbs, many of us worry about the costs associated with keeping our cool. Your local hydro utility has some easy tips and tricks to help you stay comfortable and save on your home energy bills this summer.

  • Easy Breezy: Close your blinds and curtains during the day to keep the heat out and help reduce the cost of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Consider opening your windows in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze. Read more tips like these from Canadian Niagara Power.
  • BBQ Benefits: Take advantage of the nice weather to fire up your BBQ instead of your stove. This summertime trick will prevent extra indoor heat and help keep your air conditioner from working overtime. Visit Alectra Utilities conservation website for more tips like this one.
  • Hang-it Out: Give your dryer a break and hang your laundry on an outdoor clothesline. Air drying can leave your clothes smelling summer fresh and keep your electricity usage way down. Check out more savings tips from Energy+.
  • Deal Days: Invest in ENERGY STAR® certified fans, which not only use up to 50 per cent less energy than standard fans but also move up to 25 per cent more air. Double up by using ENERGY STAR lights and timers to maximize your savings. Visit Oshawa Power’s website to keep track of daily deals and other incentives and buy when the time is right.
  • Programmable Planning: Program your thermostat to bump up the temperature when you’re not home during the day and bring it back down before you return. You’ll come home to air-conditioned comfort without cooling an empty house all day, which can add substantially to your bill. Head to Whitby Hydro’s website to see more suggestions on how to save.
  • Clean and Clear: Be sure to clean your air conditioning vents regularly and keep them clear of furniture or rugs that could block air circulation. To see more easy summer conservation tips, go to Midland Power Utility’s website.
  • Unplug and Unwind: Last but not least, take the opportunity to unplug from your home electronics. Getting outside to enjoy the summer weather will help reduce your energy usage and your electricity bill.

Your local hydro utility is here to help you get the most out of your home energy use all year long. Find a complete list of local hydro companies and links to more summer tips, tricks and deals right here.