InnPower serves over 17,600 customers in Simcoe County and currently has the fastest growing customer base of any local distribution company (LDC) in Ontario. To meet the growing needs of customers, InnPower has continually sought out technologies, partnerships and strategies to keep costs low while developing a modern, technologically advanced distribution network.

InnPower has a small staff and has explored options to make the best use of its resources. That exploration included a gradual and careful program of grid modernization that would bring the efficiencies of new technologies to existing customers and to new customers moving into new developments in the area.

InnPower has operated a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for over 10 years. Five years ago, the company replaced its existing system with a more secure and robust system that gave them visibility into its entire distribution network, including statuses on fans, breakers and transformer oil temperature.

The SCADA system allows InnPower to know the health and operating status of the distribution system in real-time. It also saves the team time by facilitating identification of problems without having to go on site.

The update of the SCADA system was followed by the implementation of an Outage Management System (OMS), which compiles information from the SCADA system, incoming customer calls, and smart meter data to determine the location of an outage. The data helps line crews arrive at the outage location faster and populates an outage map that can be viewed by customers online.

InnPower strives to continually implement technology to help improve the customer experience. Big steps by a small company has helped to reduce outages, to improve customer access to outage information, and to shorten time for power to return in the event of an outage.

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