Innovation is not only top of mind, but also atop a building in Cobourg, Ontario. Venture13, Cobourg’s new Innovation Centre, is set to transform the unused space on its rooftop by installing a solar panel array that will provide over 30 per cent of the energy required for the building.

Through an innovative partnership between Lakefront Utilities Services Inc., Veridian Connections and Solera Sustainable Energies Company Ltd., the Centre should see a significant reduction in both electricity costs and emissions. Once completed, the low-profile, rooftop-mounted solar panels will be “virtually invisible,” explained Solera President and Founder Leonard Allen, in a submission to the Town Council.

The 380-panel array is expected to generate about 150,000-kilowatt hours of clean, carbon-free electricity annually, a portion of which will benefit the Town. With a focus on future technology integration, the innovation centre also has a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station. In addition, the project is designed to incorporate energy storage and create a micro-grid.

Venture13 is an initiative of the Town of Cobourg. The 30,000 square foot space empowers a network of advisors, mentors and leaders all working together to advance entrepreneurship and innovation in Northumberland and the Eastern Ontario corridor.

“I can’t think of a better application than Venture13 because it’s all about innovation and new technology,” says Cobourg’s Mayor, Gil Brocanier.

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